Saturday, September 28, 2019

They call them accidents for a reason.. Introducing #AccidentalAttraction #Contemporary #Romance #RomanceBoxedSet #99cents

They call them accidents for a reason.

They're unplanned, unwanted, and unwelcome.

But what happens when that accident gives you all you never knew you always wanted?

This collection of stories brings you into the worlds of men and women who haven't planned for what's about to happen to them.

They haven't wished for it.

They haven't been looking for it.

In fact, they probably don't even want it. Or so they think anyway.

Join these characters as they learn their heart, body, and soul may have different plans than their minds.

Because some accidents are oh so good.

Including stories from:
Desiree Holt,  Anne Rainey,  Nicole Morgan
Esme Wilde,  Krista Ames,  Deelylah Mullin
Erin Lee,  Rita Delude,  Celeste Prater
  Olivia Marie,  Elvira Bathory

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Friday, August 30, 2019

Introducing Eddie Peterson @RomanceBooks4Us World... Soldiers of Fortune #SOF #RB4U #RomSus #PolishedPromos @AuthorNicMorgan

Meet…  Eddie Peterson

Eddie Peterson always had a dark and brooding way about him. Keeping to himself, his mind focused and his mission clear, he kept everyone at a distance. Everyone except for Marissa Rojas. And with his dark eyes, jet black hair and chiseled physique, she can’t keep her eyes off of him.

Read more about Eddie in Nicole Morgan’s Sacrifice available exclusively in Romance Books 4 Us World “Soldiers of Fortune.”

Ever Since she entered the picture, his mission has changed.

Eddie Peterson’s mission had been to take down the nearly untouchable drug lord, Rojas. Years of being underground, with no protection from his country, he is left to fight off the cartel on his own. It was a job he thought he could handle.
With Marissa Rojas nothing is simple. The only daughter of a ruthless drug lord leaves little opportunity for a wholesome upbringing. Her life is complicated and thanks to her bodyguard, Eddie, things are about to get a whole lot tougher.
Now, it is no longer Eddie’s mission that is in jeopardy. It is their very lives.


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Thursday, July 25, 2019

#NEWRELEASE - The Warrior Code by M.L. Strong ~ Book 2 of the Seal Strike series ~ #Fiction #Action #Suspense #NavySEALs #MLStrong #WarriorMindset #Amazon #KU @mlstrongauthor


Matthew Barrett is a SEAL combat leader who wears the Navy Cross, proof of his prowess as a warrior, and an irrefutable symbol of his personal valor. Yet as adept as he was in the art of war, Matthew was a failure at love and still haunted by the long shadow of his father.

His overdue break from near continuous combat tours is suddenly interrupted when he’s injected into an international crisis in Central America and finds he’s once again required to execute an impossible task that could very well be a one-way trip.

The Warrior Code is Book two in M. L. Strong’s SEAL STRIKE exciting new series of action novels.


#KU available 
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Monday, July 22, 2019

#NEWRELEASE Alert - FIERCE - a new #anthology from #RomanceCollections - Available now! #99cents

Dashing heroes from all walks of life.

Wearing a uniform of one kind of another, these alpha males are tough and will do whatever they have to, to keep their leading lady safe and free from harm.

Mind twisting thrillers and pulse-pounding suspense, this limited-edition collection of today's hottest best-selling authors has something for all voracious readers.

Whether you are on the edge of your seat or cuddled up into a ball with your toes curled, this set from Romance Collections will not disappoint.

Step inside the minds of these intense characters. Ride along with them on their action-packed journeys. Indulge all your desires in these tales of suspense.

Sometimes one must be... Fierce.

Controlled Burn by Desiree Holt
Caught by Nicole Morgan
Bittersweets: Terry Loves Alex by Suzanne Jenkins
Justin by Alyssa Breck
Stalked by Love by Eva Winters
Second Shield by Stacy Eaton
Guarded by a SEAL by Julie Morgan
Broken Lies by Sharon Coady
Stryker by Krista Ames
Renegade by Deelylah Mullin
Saved by the Sheriff by Carol Preflatish
Protecting Mi Corazon by Michelle De Leon
Chaos by J.M. Madden
Protecting Ashley by Jessica James

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Monday, July 15, 2019

Darkness has risen, and the shadows are calling. Check out Michele Barrow-Belisle's story, Of Royal Blood (Part One) #SoulsandShadows #PNR

Including Of Royal Blood (Part One) 
by Michele Barrow-Belisle

In a world where magic means death, Katriana will risk everything to save her royal charge—even when it means outing herself as a witch and losing the love of the forbidden prince. As tutor to the princess, Katriana’s place at the high court means she’s close to death every day-- one misstep, one mistake, one magic mishap away from the wrath of the evil queen. And one unveiled look away from outing her feelings for Prince Ethan as well.

But Katriana’s good at hiding both her magic, and her feelings. Then the princess vanishes, and Katriana’s witchcraft and the prince’s blood are the only way to save the girl’s life. As she races to find the princess and master her uncontrollable powers, Katriana must decide if saving another’s life is worth sacrificing her own. And worth giving up a once in a lifetime love . . .

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Sunday, July 14, 2019

Darkness has risen, and the shadows are calling. Check out Adrienne Blake's story, The Necromancer's Curse #SoulsandShadows #PNR

Including The Necromancer's Curse
by Adrienne Blake

Out there is a tome to save her. Or destroy her.

After beheading the arch vampire Micah and laying his evil to rest, Holly George thinks her troubles are over, but no. They are just beginning. She may not be undead, but her cells are changing, and she is human no more.

Raised a good protestant, she is terrified of her new inner witch. Unable to embrace this new power, Holly and her wolf shifter lover Noah return to Misty Cedars in search of an ancient tome. The tome reputedly has a spell that can restore her humanity, but she is not the only one seeking its wisdom.

Sue, Micah’s vampire lover and a necromancer in the making, hides in the shadows, watching. If she finds the book first, Holly may lose more than just the power inside her. She may lose her soul. Forever.

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Darkness has risen, and the shadows are calling. Check out Candace Sam's story, Witchwood #SoulsandShadows #PNR

Including Witchwood 

by Candace Sams

Two magical gargoyles are stolen from their estate
 setting off a string of events that could lead to the downfall 
of two families.

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