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JoAnne Myer's Love, Myths & Monsters Book Tour sponsored by @SensuousPromos

Welcome to Sensuous Promos Book Tour for Loves, Myths and Monsters! JoAnne Myers has quite a few books out there, and this is one you don't want to miss!

11 urban and mythical tales entwined within the human world and starring the Mothman, the Chupracabra, time travel, reincarnation, a demonic cellmate, a Quaker love story, werewolves, mermaids, and a serial killer family from 1873.
Excerpt from “Moon People”
Drake laid it on really well. “I thought I loved Constance, but after seeing you, I knew we were soul mates,” Drake told Vanessa. “I’d like to take you to the festival today. Meet me at the backdoor of the fun-house, but don’t tell Constance, I don’t want her following you and making a scene.”
“You made a wise decision, Drake,” Vanessa said. “I’ll be there in ten minutes.”
I knew Vanessa would bring Gretchen, and that was the plan.
At the fun-house, I hid inside when Vanessa and Drake entered. The exhibits were not open to the public for another two hours, so—if my plan failed—Drake and I both were dead.
Taking Vanessa by the hand, Drake led her down a dark corridor. “Where are you taking me?” she asked playfully.
“There’re monster masks on this side of the fun-house,” he said, leading her to the back door and abruptly stopping.
Looking around, Vanessa saw nothing but janitor equipment. “Hey, what’s gong on?” she asked, confused. “Where are the scary masks?”
“Right here,” Drake said, removing the dried seaweed from his pocket.
He threw it into her face, blinding her and scorching her flesh. Screaming as loud as she could, she turned to ash.
“You bastard!” Gretchen shouted on hearing Vanessa’s death scream. “Better ones than you and Constance have tried to kill me and failed.”
Taking off like a shot, Drake ran down an opposite hall leading into the maze of mirrors with Gretchen following. From where I stood, I heard their approaching footsteps and raced to the other side of the maze.
Suddenly, Gretchen cornered Drake. When Gretchen realized he was out of seaweed, she advanced slowly, enjoying every instant of his anticipated murder.
Listening to her steps, I knew exactly where she was. Immediately, I flipped on the overhead lights, giving Gretchen the shock of her life. She was in the maze of funny mirrors surrounded by images depicting her beautiful face as distorted and grotesque. Horrified, she became hysterical before melting into a stinking ooze of fish scales.
“Gross!” Drake said.
“Yes, but it’s over. Willowick is saved,” I said, and slowly I crept into his arms.
Afterward, I used my conch and contacted Poseidon and the others. I told them they were unwelcome in Willowick. Instead, I suggested they go far away into Asian waters, telling them it was too dangerous here, humans had learned how to kill our kind.

JoAnne lives in Ohio, and works at a local nursing home. The author of 7 books, JoAnne also canvas paints. JoAnne enjoys time with relatives, her dog Jasmine, and volunteers her time within the community. She is a member of the International Women’s Writing Guild, Savvy Authors, Coffee Time Romance, Paranormal Romance Guild, True Romance Studios, National Writers Association, the Hocking Hill's Arts and Craftsmen Association, The Hocking County Historical Society and Museum, and the Hocking Hills Regional Welcome Center.  JoAnne believes in family values and following your dreams. Her original canvas paintings, can be found at: 

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Newly divorced, Vicky Browning is coming home for the holidays for the first time in years. After losing her supposed friends in her recent divorce, she has nowhere else to go and tries to make the best out of the situation.
U.S. Marine, Michael Barnett just set his boots down on American soil for the first time in eighteen months. He wants nothing more than to go home to his humble mountain home, drink a few beers, and fish the rest of the year away. Michael’s mother has other plans though, and insists he come home to spend Christmas with those who love him.
Michael and Vicky haven’t seen one another in seventeen years. Their last meeting was less than enjoyable as they said goodbye to one another in a bitter break up at the tender age of eighteen years old. As the awkwardness settles between the two they soon begin to realize that the flames of desire haven’t died between them. The wounds they thought had never healed, might just be the very thing that brings them together again. 

She crossed the room in front of him and went to lie down on the bed. As she got herself comfortable she reached out to him. He walked toward her and with her delicate fingers she began unfastening his jeans. 
He didn’t move and allowed her to work the zipper down. She tugged at one of his belt loops trying to pull his pants down when his own urgency insisted he give her a hand. With both hands he pushed his briefs and jeans down his thighs until his cock sprang free from its constraints. 
He wrapped her fingers around his cock and began stroking it. He hissed out a breath and closed his eyes. Already he could feel himself reaching the edge. 
He pulled away, knowing full well if he didn’t he’d allow her to work him into orgasm. And he wanted more. They both needed more. 
Pushing the jeans further down his legs, Michael kicked them off and pushed them aside. Then he turned to her and palmed his dick in his hands. 
“Do you see this? Only you have ever been able to make me feel this way, so hard with nothing more than a look. I want you so bad, baby.” 
She raised her arms up above her head and gave him a look that he couldn’t ignore any more than he could resist it. 
He climbed on the bed and hovered himself directly over him. Carefully he set his arms down on either side of her and dipped his head down to kiss her. She opened willingly, kissing him like she wanted him as bad as he did her. 
He levered himself on his side with his elbow and reached one hand below down to her pussy. Slipping his middle finger between her lips he felt her liquid heat coat his finger. 
“Fuck. You’re so wet, Vick.” 
She didn’t answer, but ground her hips into his hand and moaned. Her movements might have made him want to drive into her, if he hadn’t been so mesmerized by the sounds she made. He felt a new sense of greediness overcome him. He no longer cared about how he felt. He wanted to see how far he could take her. 
He used his index finger with the middle finger this time. Thrusting inside of her he worked his fingers in and out, pushing deep inside while hitting the back of her cervix. 
Her body bucked and she whimpered his name while moaning. He looked down at her. Her face was flush and her full and round tits bounced with every move she made. The taut peaks of her nipples called out to him. It had been far too long since he laved one of them with his tongue. 
Opening his mouth, he latched on to one of her nipples and sucked it into his mouth. He kept up the ministrations with his fingers. He could hear her breathing hitch and her voice was beginning to become squeakier the more he worked his fingers deeper inside her pussy. 
“Oh, Michael!”
She shouted to him and he knew he was ready. Abruptly he pulled his fingers out and hovered over her. In an instant he guided his cock to her entrance and slid past her slick entrance with a primal thrust. 
He arched his back and pushed himself far into her, hitting the same spot he had with his fingers until she screamed his name once more. 
In a rush he felt a river of hot juices flow past his cock and coat his entire length. Her pussy quivered and trembled around him as he tried to rein in his lust. She shook beneath him, her body bucking and reacting to her climax as he felt his own restraint beginning to snap. 
He couldn’t help himself from falling with her. He wouldn’t last a moment longer. Michael pulled back and pushed further inside her pussy. He thrust once, twice, three times and finally the friction and fire were too much for him to resist. 
He howled a raw and primal scream and grabbed onto her hips, holding her body to his as he felt the first jolt of his orgasm take hold. 
His body jerked, in rhythm with hers. Wetness coated his inner thighs from her passion, and he filled her with his release. 
He had no idea how much time had passed before he dropped his head back down and opened his eyes. He looked down at her and saw a sleepy smile on her face. She looked so gorgeous. And in that instant he hated the husband she’d once given herself to, while refusing to consider that there may have been others.