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Rebecca Airies has never been HOTTER - Capturing Their Flame #PNR #Romance

Naomi Hardin heads into Gargoyle territory to see a play without a second thought. She never expected to run into any Gargoyles, much less two men who claim she’s their mate. She’s drawn to the two Gargoyles but will escape from them. Although they’re gorgeous, she has plans for her life, and they don’t include biologically chosen mates.

Neil Conrad and Isaac Phillips are thrilled to discover their mate at a theater. Although she’s not happy, she’s trespassed into Gargoyle territory and is fair game. They take her home to show her they belong together, but discover they’ve brought her right into the path of danger. Someone is targeting the Gargoyle. They must gain her trust and love while they learn to trust her, as well, because they’ll need her help against some of the attacks coming at them. They’ll have to face the trouble coming for them in order to claim her love and begin their life together.

Excerpt PG 13

Isaac smiled as he watched her sleep. She’d be angry when she woke up. That shouldn’t be long from now. The pill she’d taken while they’d been at the hospital had been one of the pills the doctor at the clinic had given him when she wasn’t paying attention. She’d fallen asleep after the meal.
They’d woken her to eat later that night and given her another pill before she could work out why she fell asleep. As much as he’d have liked to play with her yesterday, she’d been hurt and weak. She needed rest more than sex. They’d ensure she’d get it. Naomi could sometimes be frustratingly independent.
After a night of sleep, her wounds looked much better. She rested comfortably. He’d needed the chance to hold her last night. After watching her fight yesterday and knowing how many Appari she’d faced, he couldn’t stay away from her. Although he knew she was alive and safe, he’d never be all right about the risks she faced during the battle.
He’d never take her safety and well-being for granted. They couldn’t keep her out of it. That knowledge tore him apart, because his instincts screamed at him to keep her safe. The only people who might understand his position were the Cim. Their woman would face the same risks whenever she came to them.
He stroked the hair away from her face. She’d hardly moved last night. Not that she’d had a lot of room to do that. Isaac had stayed close to her, and Neil had done the same. Neil had been kicking himself for not being with her when they encountered the Appari. Now, Neil showered to burn a little time while they waited for her to wake up.
“You’re a bastard.” Naomi’s eyes flicked open and she immediately locked her gaze on him. “Don’t think I don’t realize that you drugged me. I’m not taking any more of those pills if they put me out like that.”
“The ones we picked up at the hospital won’t do that. I gave you the two that the doctor handed me. While you focused on the nurse, I told him that you wouldn’t rest with all of the energy pulsing through you.” Isaac smiled. She looked annoyed, but her voice sounded slurred and deliciously husky.
“Are you lying to me to get me to take them?” She frowned at him. “When did you talk to him? You hardly said a word to him. Most of the time you were texting your Cim.”
“No, the rest of the pills are merely for any pain that you might have. How are you feeling?” He asked. He’d like to make love to her, but he wouldn’t if she showed any pain. “I didn’t only text the Cim. I sent the doctors messages, as well. He slipped me the pills while the nurse finished wrapping you in the bandages.”
“Like I missed my play time with you and Neil. As to my injuries, the skin on my upper arm where the stitches are feels a little tight. I’m not in pain though.” She flexed her hands.
“How would you like a little playtime right now?” He raised a brow.
“Sounds interesting. You won’t go all overprotective, ‘we can’t do this until you’re fully healed’ on me?” she asked with a grin.

“Well, you won’t be the one doing the riding. I’ll make sure that you don’t move your arms while Isaac takes you. He’ll do the same for me.” Neil came into the room with a towel rubbing at his wet hair.



Author Bio

A voracious reader since childhood, Rebecca Airies has always enjoyed getting lost in the fantastic worlds of science fiction, horror, fantasy and romance. When she began to write her own stories, they always had a romantic edge.
Rebecca currently lives in Texas and writes with the help of a couple feline critics. She’s a multi-published author whose muse loves fantasy, sci-fi and the paranormal, as well as strong heroines who are sometimes as stubborn as their heroes. She loves to hear from her readers. Email her at

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